Windows 10 and My Management Software

This morning I took advantage of the released of the Windows 10 Preview to test my management software with the new Microsoft operating system. I do this work to ensure the installation and use of my software works well on the new system. A little for curiosity too to see the result of the new work by Microsoft.
I must say that the installation is the same as Windows 7 and 8, does not change practically anything and the end result too. The new Windows 10, as well, as having skipped to the next number, has no great revolutions, at first glance only the reappearance of the task bar, the rest seemed to be Windows 8.1, renamed. Of course I may be wrong, of course, I still have to study it a bit, to make critical judgments more truthful. I immediately thought that my plans hadn’t compatibility problems with the new Windows. Going to poke around in the registry, in fact, everything has remained unchanged and that is a good sign for me, that I do not have to work to change my management software.
I installed a version English of Calus, it is because so far Windows 10 is available for testing only in that language, at least that I know. The whole procedure went well and I arrived at the first start. I found a nice surprise, but perhaps even Windows 8.1 had a gray color around the modal windows, very cute and attractive. In short, my program works properly on the new system and I’m confident to the new updates of my software, not caring to update them to make them compatible with the operating system.
I think that Windows 10 will have a great success because it takes the speed and beauty of Windows 8, but retrieves the practical features of Windows 7 that I skipped version 8 and 9, now I can buy Windows 10 because I like it, usually a version I adopt and the subsequent no, it was not always so, and perhaps we will continue in this way. The news, however, that makes me happy is that my management software is beauty and functionality with the new operating system.