Freeware Warehouse Management Software

MerciGest is our new completely freeware warehouse software. It is a desktop application for Windows systems that is simple to install and use it.

Free Inventory Software

Over the years we have updated the application many times up to version 3.0 and will continue the development in the future.

Among the features of the program stands out the management of the products in a table, in which data such as the quantity loaded, unloaded and the stock are always visible. In the prints, we have the list of goods, transport documents and invoices. The program allows you to see the print preview on screen before it is reproduced on paper for saving expenses. As a further feature we have a convenient agenda to keep track of your appointments.

There’s possibility to connect the program to various data sources, that is the part that allows our software to compete with web-based ones since it is possible to connect to a Microsoft SQL server for example on the Internet and be able to manage data from various locations potentially anywhere in the world. It therefore turns out to be a better management software than those based on web pages since the calculation speed is higher and without burdening the server which can also be balanced, but above all, it is possible to view and interact with many data at a time as the graphical interface of a desktop program is more accessible than a web-based one.

From the experience of the free version we have also developed a professional one that allows you to manage your warehouse even faster and more securely.

Among the additional features we have the use of the barcode reader for searching and inserting products, many more summary prints including the warehouse value. Another additional feature is the technical assistance through the ticket system, you will have a certain answer within 24h of the request.

Our MerciGest project, both in freeware and paid version, has received much appreciation over time because it is easy to use and allows a complete view of warehouse data. We are continually committed to developing this project more and more, trying to bring it to have all the characteristics needed to manage a warehouse with thousands or millions of products.

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