Software Development Tools

In this blog we treat various topics related to software, with particular attention to the design and development of the latter. Among the languages that we consider are: C/C++, Java, Visual Basic .NET, C#, PHP to almost unknown up to scripting languages like TCL/TK. Let us now for each of these programming languages, the tool that we adopt in this blog:

  • C/C++: programming tools for this language there are many, for small examples use Linux and you built it with GCC, while larger, more complex examples using Microsoft Visual Studio, which also distributes a free version called Express edition, look on the net that are sure.
  • Java: for this powerful cross-platform language I use NetBeans on Linux, this program quickly and now also has intellisense, which displays the attributes and methods of classes.
  • VB.NET: Visual Basic 10 can be used with Visual Studio that I remember you can download and use, even for real projects, from the Microsoft site for free.
  • C#: what I said for the VB.NET equivalent for this, the tool called Visual C# Express that I still remember is freely downloadable from Microsoft.
  • PHP: for the development of small examples here in my blog and also for real-world projects, using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) on a virtual machine equipped with Ubuntu, but soon I will use the Linux operating system that I’m going to fill and to whom I gave the name of RGPLinux.

Everyone can take one of his favorite software development tool, you only care to modify only a few small things to make it all work with the examples in the course of the blog on programming.

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