About the Author

Who writes these articles are technical dr. Giampaolo Rossi from Italy. I own RGPSoft (Rossi Giampaolo Software). I was born in Montefiascone (VT), where still reside today, my birthday is 6 of February 1967.

I graduated in Biological Sciences with thesis on the purification of cellobiasi (beta-glucosidase) of the fungus Trametes Trogir in 1994 and after passing the exam I tried to do a PhD, but without success. Refusing to become the classic brain drain abroad I have given to information technology and in 1996 I attended a post-graduate master program on C/C++ about biology software. For two years after I attended two other courses, such as the first computer scientist in the forestry sector and later as a media expert hypertext. I then began to create the first management software for some companies that wish to computerize. From experience I started to develop the first draft of the Vikings (my tip management software that has yet to be published), Termica I for thermal maintenance of heating and Cerere for the management of farms. In 2010 I started writing this blog in which I want to make available to others what I learned in those 15 years of experience in computer programming. I hope you enjoy my blog and above will be useful.