Free Inventory Software

For some time now we have been distributing the sources of MerciGest in Access and we continue to do so, but we have thought of making a warehouse program available for free in a desktop version, this means that MS Access is no longer needed to use it. The name of the software is always MerciGest, this is because it is now well known.

MerciGest Free Inventory Software
This is what the main window of the desktop version of MerciGest looks like, very simple and intuitive

The usability of the program is very simple and intuitive, unfortunately at the moment we have not yet made video tutorials to illustrate the use of the management software, but we hope to make some in a few days. Meanwhile, on the web page dedicated to the program, we have inserted Calus video tutorials which is practically the same as the previous one, even if it has many more features and is clearly paid.

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