Software Development – My Tips

Let me give some guidelines in order to learn the best possible software development, it is not certain that an argument is easy to learn and to teach that these are the problems and shortcomings by the students that I noticed in the during these years.

  1. Never copy and paste the source code to insert in the lectures or articles, always try to study the code and understand what is meant to make the computer, then try to write without looking at your code. I understand it is much harder to study in this way, but the results are certainly better, if you mess with you hurt only you, why not learn anything. Without sacrifices no one can teach you to become programmers.
  2. I noticed that the types of learning are not all equal, we are the most logical and most marked for memorizing. In these years I have seen that the programmer is one who does not learn by heart, because not all the features that are there, but he knows how to find the solution. For example, know all the features in the Windows SDK memory certainly helps a lot, but not too much, because you just press F1, which shows all the information we want, what I try to teach you how to find this information, why I do not put comments in the code, I want you to go in search of the terms with the powerful tools that we have today, starting with Google. So you know that something can be done, but not knowing by heart all the functions for this computer is our friend.
  3. When you program one must think that we are dealing with a being stupid, computers, and so if we tell him to do something wrong it will do it wrong. There should be what the end user will do and all the possible consequences.
  4. Create your own examples with the new concepts learned, build your house starting from the ground up, the only thing I can teach you.

Not everyone can become a programmer, even only a few will unravel well between the lines of code, I hope that with my lessons and my articles, even you’ll be among them, only if the subject inspires curiosity continues to study, because without this feature the software development becomes notional and will soon vanish from our minds.

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