A Free Opensource Application for Inventory Management

We have put at the disposal of all, the sources of MerciGest, an application for inventory management. This model file for MS Access will be useful for both, end-users and programmers. The first ones will use the program to manage their business, while the seconds will do changes by their hands to personalize it.

Movements Forms
MerciGest Movements Form

The entire program is stored in an Access file that you can open and displays a menu with these entries: customers and suppliers forms, loads, unloads and returns forms, reports about inventory and stock value and finally a procedure to export all statistics data on MS Excel.
The whole program has been written in VBA ( Visual Basic for Application ) for Access, there are no macros, because MerciGest developer find them very complicated to handle in the future. This application can be useful as a starting point to build our personal program to manage our products in our warehouse.