Stock Management Software

Calus is our low-cost software for stock inventory management, in this article we will see how to use the data warehouse, where you can get the most important information about our products.

Our cheap software for stock inventory
Our cheap software for stock inventory

The entire program is structured in the same way, that is, lists of values. We have chosen this way to view the data, because you can see so many products at the same time and no spending more time with tedious research. In fact, for each product line there are information such as loading, unloading, customers refunds ( yields), current stock of products and the quantity to be ordered. In addition to this values ​​in the row you can move your mouse on the desired product and display a message indicating photo, barcode, department, shelf, average purchase price, average selling price and at the end last price sale. As in all the programs that we have the opportunity to fulfill orders, search and filter the data, we see how to do it.
To make data sorting you must must click on the column headers. One column can be sorted in ascending or descending order, in the second case you need to click on a column to reverse the sort order already ordered. In any case a sorted column is colored in a darker and even darker if it is ordered in descending.
To search for a value in the list you must click the appropriate button and then enter the values ​​you want to search. You can search for a value from the selected row to the end of the list or from the first row. In addition you can research with the classical values ​​entered,  another way is find a product using the barcode reader, configured on the serial port.
Perhaps the most useful feature, however, is data filters, in fact, with this, you can work with only a part of products, such as all those who have some internal code or description, or those within same category or even just those that have a positive stock or negative or equal to zero.
Add, modify or remove products is very easy and in the same way to print reports or labels.