Management Software for Rent

Management software with its updates and assistance, even on E-Mail, can cost several hundreds of money. At this time would like to be able to spend less without losing quality. For this reason, a good way to distribute the software is for rent. Of course, instead of buying it permanently, rent it for 1 year at lower price, from 20 to 40 dollars, not anymore. The downsides to this way of marketing management software, from the buyers, compared to the standard, is in some points that can be summarized as:

  • We must have trust as software house to not have bad surprises with any price increases in the next year
  • Every year there is to buy a new license key
  • You must pay for the use only and not for the assistance and updates

The positives can be summarized as:

  • Very low total cost of software, deferred in years seems less heavy
  • Software can be used for a period and then may be abandoned
  • Extreme speed in payment and activation online code

For almost a year we’re handing out a couple of our management software in this way, the basic idea can be summarized in these simple steps:

  • Users test the program and if they like it can purchase online in a small time
  • Purchased the serial code with a simple automated procedure to activate the software
  • Following year, if you want, you can buy another serial code to activate the software for another year and so on

We have a software to manage a warehouse that is sold in this way. I have to say that the results are very satisfactory for us and for our customers. The software is called Calus and the price is 32,00 dollars ( USD ) + VAT per year. Each serial number is used to activate the software on three separate machines for a period of one year.
In this period of the test procedure, we had a lot of satisfaction with this method of sale, without the constraints of the subscription purchaser, feel free to use the program even for a moment. However, we hope that our customers renew their trust in us for the following years, also because you can always insert new data into the management software. For our part, we are still willing to sell in this way even after the crisis period (if ever will), whereas we could increase the cost of the serial number for inflation, and we think that in 3-4 years the cost will be around always of a few tens of dollars ( USD ).