Free Resources on Internet

In this period I have noticed a significant increase in interest from all age groups towards programming, especially in management category. This phenomenon, at first sight positive, is matched by a marked decrease of sales management software. Then I made my accounts and I found an answer that leaves me a bit confused, probably trying to build the company management alone. All are free to do what they want, or at least try, but download the trial version of my managerial and try to make their own personal copy, especially with the technical knowledge not just of the sector, it is at least unlikely success.
This weekend I went to a great store of computing in Rome and by chance I headed towards the monthly technical journals . Reading the numerous and various covers I noticed that in addition to the tricks for playing video games, now appear to be in great form dozens and dozens of ways to get commercial software for free. To my amazement they even mentioned techniques to get connected to the internet without spending a dime.
I understand that having a good free is definitely more exciting than having to pay several hundred euros, but all this enthusiasm is inversely proportional to that of a producer who has invested a lot of  “planks” for that project. Seeing the large number of magazines, all specialize in having free resources on the web, I think this topic is very popular and this is amply demonstrated by the behavior of my users. Obviously if you do not commit a crime magazines can publish whatever they want, but they give the wrong message, that the network you can find everything for free, when, by my personal experiences, it is not true. If a resource is professional then it is always a fee. There are also some great free resources in the network, but it is still of major projects that have a lot of potential users, such as antivirus or utilities weakened than professional counterparts, certainly not for the warehouse management ( if any can also report them here, but only completely free, I highly recommend! ). One aspect is the fake free management programs , which are not defined as a demo, but that I manage a maximum of 10 customers or inventory items , I personally have never used and never will resort to such sleazy tricks that I consider invasive, such as viruses and they do lose confidence in our potential customer, then, to force that tries to be good or even not paying crearselo alone.