How To Bring Out Website

The goal of any blogger or those who put their business online is to be as popular as possible, bring your own website than the others. Today there are services that allow you to put your business online with no knowledge of HTML, PHP or various stuff and promise you that you will have many visits. This is obviously an unrealistic prospect, for the simple fact that the only visitors will be those who already know you and insert the name of your business in the search box of the search engine. That’s the magic word, “Search Engine“, this can keep you anonymous or you see from someone.
Today, with a web so saturated with information ( and I will only mention the English side, there is a lot more competitive abroad ) it is almost impossible to stand out from the others, now you can not even have many inbound links as they may worsen the situation rather than improve it.
After 4 years of hard work and study I still have about 350 new visits per day, worse when we consider that this figure I could even 2 years ago, now I put the soul in peace: this blog will never emerge. I’m studying programming for the past 16 years and 4 years ago having seen that in Italy there were only 2-3 large sites that deal with programming, I thought I’d put my experience at the disposal of others. In particular, I wanted to write not so much the theory, for which there are lots of resources, but rather try to understand the method of programming. The problems, however, are always the same:

  • If I write articles about topics not complicated or almost no one reads them, see for example the creation of windows in Microsoft Windows oprating system or round with a hole.
  • The subject of programming is very niche , so there are few visits, perhaps authoritative, but are always a few ( too there is nothing to gain ).
  • In addition very few spam comments on negative aspects and never positive, in fact you only comment to tell you that you missed a comma or that they have done the same thing in a better way.
  • If you write anything else to do some sightseeing in more then they tell you that you’re not serious.

I’m beginning to get really sick, I do not enjoy most writing and explain the programming, they are definitely discouraged.
So I am writing this article to vent a little, I tried everything, but it seems that, at least for this topic, there is more rivalry that collaboration.