Reports on Sale of Stock

After entering into our program Calus Plus the basic functions such as load management, discharges and orders, we’ll work on aggregated data, the work of this month will focus on printing reports the sales of stock. In practice, will insert a new print template, only for activated copies, which will have the results of the purchases and sales.
What you plan to do it in a new window before printing, where you choose the start and end date of the report, a particular customer or supplier, or a group of them, and finally one or more categories of items. The draft of the new release:

Sales Report in Calus Plus
Sales Report in Calus Plus

Obviously this is just an initial outline , but it makes good what we’re going to develop this month. The data will be listed as follows :

  1. Amount of stock at the date of commencement report
  2. Product value at the date of the beginning of the relationship
  3. Amount of product handled from the start date to the final
  4. Value of the product moved from the initial to the final date

In the meantime, it is possible to change the project, as is the case almost always, because only when we realize it is implemented if a software is good or not, but we will remain faithful to this program.
Along with this placement will bring forward the improvement of the program, such as putting the value of tax in the master item that will be a default value during movement and with it the opportunity to enter a discount to customers on certain types of categories of articles in order to fit it in during an automatic warehouse handling.
Keep following this blog because we will explain as it passes the time, all the updates that we would like to bring to our management software.