Blog Become Mobile

Browsing the blog with a smartphone, we realize that this site also has an interface for mobile devices. Just yesterday I was looking at the statistics of the blog and I realized that readers with mobile devices have grown a lot in recent months, not only that, but they were also the ones who had a shorter residence, probably the current width of 1050 pixels was too large for read the articles comfortably with their low resolutions. Actually the statistics is not that there are so many users in the mobile percentage: of a total of about 11,400, only 445 came with a smartphone, iPhone or iPad last month.
Also taking advantage of the early summer (although I think that the sea should read more than the programming), I decided to dedicate a few hours of my time to add a plugin and modify it in such a way that I liked.

Blog opened on an iPhone 5
Blog opened on an iPhone 5

The work was done very well it seems to me, the only problem I could not solve is the link between pages as in various languages, but is the same, my readers will surely few words of these languages.
This summer thus the development of the software and its surroundings also follows on the beach.