Banner Ads in Software Programs

A few months ago the idea was born to insert advertising in our free software inventory Calus Plus, now it was decided to use the HTML Dialog, with the center and throughout its size a banner created by us or taken from some advertising circuit. In this type of window you are viewing a web page, but care should be taken as a banner totally enclosing the page is not permitted by major advertising channels and the reason is easy to understand.

Banner Ads in Calus Plus
Banner Ads in Calus Plus

Idea came from the fact that you wanted to experience a new way of financing the development of the software, thing was: I love it, I need it and tired of the advertising, pay to remove it, or I do not need it and then, as I open it every 2 weeks, I can also use with notifications advertising.
Personally, I have always pushed much in the development of this program free of charge (with ads ) for warehouse, otherwise it would have already been a dead project, remember the fact that I started in a couple of days during the Christmas holidays of 2012, and now I no longer time to give him if we do not we get something. The occasion helped me to test the degree of tolerance of users to advertising before they move away from the use of software, or purchase form without tips for shopping . I must say that the results were very disappointing, because the software is used by over 300 users fixed within a week, but purchases (although only 20 dollars per year) even the shadow, will be the crisis? I do not think, rather believe those users are of the “freeloaders”, as there are many in the world and work with the program even under torture, but to spend 20 euro not even think about it. They look like those who go to a public local and do not consume anything. In my tests I came to render the banner every 20 minutes and more in an advertising message every 2 days. Personally, if I found that the software is useful and I needed it, definitely used to buy the ad-free version, you will understand for 20 dollars, for a year! However, everyone thinks in his own way, but the project, I think that will remain stationary for a long time, shame!
Now in the program seems a banner ad every time you open the software, and every so often ( 5-6 days) is shown a notification that you can also close. I believe that with this load of advertising software is fair, thinking that the world is not full of just “freeloaders” that allow the evolution of the program… and then you talk about creating open source software and so on… and the gain would be where I explain this? Keeping up to date and create management software can not do it for free, watch open projects such as Linux which was now supplanted Windows 20 years ago.